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The Top Wine Stores in Paris


Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the more spectacular retail wine stores that are a must-visit on your next trip to Paris.

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As the capital city of the world’s most important wine nation, Paris not surprisingly is home to some of the best wine stores that you will find not just in France, but also across Europe.

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Legrand Filles et Fils

Galerie Vivienne

1 Rue de la Banque


This Parisian wine store is often referred to as the most charming of all the wine stores in Paris, thanks to many of the design touches that have been lovingly restored and preserved for decades. These touches include wooden counters and shelves, glass jars filled with wonderful candies, and tiled floors. In the 1940’s, Lucien Legrand became the first Parisian wine merchant with direct supplies from the nation’s top vineyards. Since then, the store has been at the forefront of many wine trends. This is the wine store that started the whole Beaujolais trend, and the more that you explore the store, the more hidden treasures you will discover. Legrand Filles et Fils is particularly strong when it comes to the wines of Burgundy, the Rhone, and the Loire Valley. Be sure you visit the very last room, located in the back of the store, where you will encounter a fabulous collection of Bordeaux wines.

La Derniere Goutte

6 Rue de Bourbon le Chateau


If you are looking for a world-class wine boutique located in the center of Paris, stop by La Derniere Goutte. This is a cozy, rustic shop located in the Saint Germain district on the Left Bank. It really is a wine lover’s gem of a store, and it’s worth the time navigating all the carefully curated shelves of French wine.

Lavinia Paris

3 Boulevard de la Madeleine


Widely regarded as the biggest wine store in Paris, Lavinia has a truly spectacular location between the Opera and the Madeleine. Unlike other wine boutiques known for their rustic charm or coziness, Lavinia is more along the lines of a wine superstore, with three different floors of wine. This wine superstore has been so successful with French wine drinkers that it has also led to spin-off locations in Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. Overall, Lavinia Paris has 6,500 different wines on offer, with prices ranging from 3 Euro to 36,000 Euro. And there are all the extra features and options that you would expect from a wine store of this size, including tasting classes, tasting hours, and an operational restaurant where you can enjoy the store’s wines on-premise. This store, with over 16,000 square feet of retail space, is one that you will need to visit several times in order to enjoy all of the variety on offer.

La Cave Des Papilles

35 Rue Daguerre


If you are looking for natural and biodynamic wines, then La Cave Des Papilles is the best place to go in all of Paris. The store’s calling card is the widest selection of biodynamic and organic wines in the city.

La Cave du Bon Marche

38 Rue de Sevres


Located in the basement of La Grande Epicerie de Paris, La Cave du Bon Marche is at the very epicenter of food and wine culture in Paris. Here, it is possible to buy wines from literally every wine-producing appellation within France. The wine store is particularly well known for its fantastic storage conditions, as well as for displaying wines by wine-producing regions. In many ways, La Cave Du Bon Marche is the perfect size for a wine store - not too small, and not too wide of a selection, with a mix of well-known wines and quality selections from some of France’s top independent producers. As an added bonus, you can top off your shopping for wine by strolling through the Grande Epicerie to find the perfect wine-food pairing.


(150 different locations in Paris)


Nicolas is a retail chain featuring a highly respected selection of wines that represent good value for the money. Nicolas has been around for nearly 200 years, so this is a retail chain that really has its pulse on the wine-buying needs of Parisians. In fact, Nicolas often refers to itself as “the first wine retailer in France.” There are now 150 different locations of Nicolas within Paris.

Le Garde Robe

41 Rue de l’Arbre-Sec


Located near the Louvre art museum, Le Garde Robe is a great wine store choice for serious wine drinkers. The store boasts a great selection of local wines, as well as vins d’auteur. At Le Garde Robe, it is possible to enjoy bottles of wine on-site in a remarkably cozy atmosphere.

La Cave de l’os a Moelle

181 Rue de Loumel


With a simply fantastic wine cellar, La Cave de l’os a Moelle is one of those hidden wine gems in the center of Paris that are adored by locals. Here, it is possible to enjoy prix fixe meals and learn more about French family cuisine. A great selection of bottles to choose from makes it easy to find the perfect wine-food pairing.

La Cave des Galeries Lafayette (The Bordeauxtheque)

35 Boulevard Haussmann


La Bordeauxtheque is the wine cellar of Galeries Lafayette located across the street. It is a wine retailer as well as a wine museum, featuring the very best wines of Bordeaux (Grands Vins). In some cases, the cost of a premium bottle of Bordeaux could run as high as 50,000 Euros.

Honorable mentions:

Every guidebook to Paris likes to feature its own favorite wine gems. Here are some of the other high-quality wine names that you will likely encounter as you prepare for your trip to Paris.

Caves du Marais

64 Rue Francois Miron


La Cave du Senat

16 Rue de Vaugirard


Les Caves Taillevent

228 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore



France is the top country for wine, and Paris is the top city in France for wine. Any of the wine store selections above will guide you to great local French wines, as well as remarkably knowledgeable shop assistants. Whether you are looking for a rustic, cozy wine shop or a modern wine superstore, Paris has it all.