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Top Wine Buyers of Paris

13/08/2019 | Across the Parisien wine buying community there is a real mix of characters and skills.


L'Impact de Brexit Sur le Marché Français du Vin

08/08/2019 | L'Industrie vitivinicole française a été secouée par les nouvelles de Brexit, et nous enquêtons sur les principales préoccupations des producteurs français et sur ce qu'ils ont fait jusqu'ici pour éviter les balles.


How To Find A Wine Importer In France

24/07/2019 | Finding a French importer is a difficult puzzle, but even these have their solutions. Having identified a market then you provide your brand with considerably better chances of successful value creation.


How Brexit Will Impact The French Wine Market

19/07/2019 | The French wine industry has been shaken up by the Brexit news, and we investigate the major concerns of French producers and what they have been doing to dodge the bullets so far.