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Top Wine Sommeliers to Watch Out For in Paris


Paris Wine Sommeliers Offer Unbeatable Guide and Taste for All Wine Lovers that Wants the best from their favorite wine.

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When you walk into a winery or any restaurant in Paris, the French city of light, you would inevitably come across a sommelier, your guide to proper wine tasting and enjoyment.

Depending on the type of dishes you chose, a sommelier will guide you to the best spirits and food combinations. Get your wine served at the appropriate temperature for tasting and in the exact glasses while adhering to the rules of enduring service.

Only the best sommelier can offer all the insight you need through rich and compelling explanations and comments.

There are many sommeliers in France. But, you can only get the best out of the best in Paris, the wine capital city of Europe.

Alright, buddy. Here are some of the top wine sommeliers to watch out for when next you visit Paris.

Philippe Marques (Owner & Director Bistro Volnay)

After spending several years serving the interest of Michellin-starred and famous restaurants, iconic wine master Philippe Marques, came up with Bistro Volnay, his restaurant. The restaurant is located a few yards from La Madaleine (that is, Paris 2 arrondissement). His vast experience in winery stands in front of his massive 400 plus wine list references he offers.

Bistro Volnay is a remarkable place to be—lovely and warm, with excellent wine accompaniments to Chef Thomas Morreto's tasty kitchen delicacies. I love this place because they also offer unusual pairings with superb wines and more than 30 different rich pepper kinds.

Ewen Lemoine (Director Clown Bar)

Take a short walk from the famous Republic square, and you will come across a Parisian Bistro named Le Clown Bar. This place has become a reference point for many people. Not much of a surprise when you consider the live cuisine, so fresh and loaded with energy.

Ewen Lemoine's immense experience as a sommelier makes the wine selection a completely natural one in the register. Ewen does not waste time in taking visitors to explore his fundamental discoveries. You can't afford to miss out on this beautiful spot.

Patrick Fracheboud (Restaurant Manager & Sommelier La Bonne Franquette)

Patrick Fracheboud is the brain behind the popularity of this crowd-prone restaurant, La Boone Franquette. The restaurant sits right at the top of the renowned Butte, with its typically old
Montmartre look. From there, the restaurants offer a tasty and excellent gourmet menu in Bohemian style setting, and with Patrick standing by, every dish is accompanied by a perfect
selection of the finest wine from every corner of France.

Yann Satin (Sommelier Hotel Westminster)

When a sommelier manages a restaurant boasting 25,000 bottles on display and with more than 600 references, you know you've found one of the top-notch sommeliers in the Paris wine business.

Yann Satin is the brainchild behind the Hotel Westminster's popularity in serving unbeatable gourmet in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. Satin oversees the famous wine cellar and inventive cuisine that threatens customers to a world of tasty wine under a chic and enduringly classic setting.


Marketa (Sommelier & Owner Redd)

Who says anything ‘good wine’ can't come from the Czech Republic? Czech born sommelier Marketa owns and operates the Redd wine bar, and supported by Rob, her partner from New Zealand. So, if you have issues with communicating fluently in French, you can do so in English.

Inside the bar is a vast and friendly place, with the beautiful stone walls illuminating the vintage brightness of the candles that majestically lit the entire room. Finding the bar is like a walk in the park; it's close to rue Montorgueil, one of Paris's best and popular market streets.

Marketa educates customers on the best wine options available for them. In there, you will find the best of Reidel’s beautiful wine glasses that appropriately differentiate between most other glassware found in most Parisian wine bars. Grab some rich pieces of cheese along with their expensive glass list. It's one place to watch out for more fun and comfort.

Marco Pelletial (Director Vantre)

If not the most devoted sommelier, what else best describes a man that left his engineering career to pursue his dream in a winery?

Located at number 19, Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Paris (11th arrondissement) is Vantre, one of the best bistros to watch out for. Marco Pelletial opened the bistro in 2016, offering tasty dishes and wine compliments to thousands of visitors in and outside Paris.

Marco served for about eighteen years at the formal and famous Hotel Bristol in Paris, and at the Taillevent, bringing this wealth of experience to bear serving the citizens and visitors to Paris. Today, Vantre is a proud holder of more than 17,000 bottles with 4000 references, and that's just for the listed ones.

Marco's ultimate quest is to build an embassy of wine, and you sure want to be a part of it.

David Ridgway (Sommelier Tour d’Agent)

Tour d’Agent and its silver tower located at Paris 5th arrondissement are the finest edifices that showcase French wine’s historical heritage. David Ridgway, the formal head sommelier, together with those that preceded him, has succeeded in building a treasure of wine over the years that boast of more than 319 000 bottles and 15,000 references sitting comfortably inside the massive wine cellar ranging 1200 m2.

Tour d’Agent aside, there is no other place in the country and beyond that boasts of such massive sized-cellar. It is one exciting destination for all classical wine enthusiasts. So, whenever you come to Paris, make sure you take a stroll across the door of this beautiful wine haven and have a feel of the gastronomic experience mesmerized by the legion of smiling servers at your service.

Put this spot upon your top sommelier watch list in Paris.

Ridgway is still holding sway in popularity and is regarded as one of the best sommeliers around
the Paris area.

Rounding Up

As the coronavirus virus dwindles in severity and businesses set to bounce back to full operation, you can use this list to schedule a meeting with some of the best sommeliers in France when next you visit Paris. You can only get to enjoy your wine better when you engage the right sommelier.

Happy wine tasting!

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