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Biggest Wine Importers In France


If you know a bit about wine, I’m sure the headline must sound a bit perplexing to you in the least. France is undoubtedly not a regular on the list of countries that you would think need wine.

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The world knows about the strength and efficacy of French wine. We know about the savor that accompanies the latest brand of natural wines brewed in France today. 
Nationals in France can get good French wine at very affordable prices. It isn’t expected for France to need to import wine at all. 

However, in the Emmanuel Macron tenure, France’s nation has taken a globalist approach to the issue of wines – along with gourmet dishes and online presence. The result of this is that today, France ranks as one of the world’s highest wine importing countries.

The French President desired to include an internationally-driven approach to the economic plan to meet up for the demand for wine on its own shores. The truth of the matter is that France exports so much of their resources like wine and other specialty products that during a low yield period, the government finds it hard to meet up with international demand and even satisfy the local market.

In 2017 alone, early into the Macron-led regime, France imported about 7.6 Mhl of foreign wine.  This volume of wine is unprecedented in their whole national history. A reported amount of € 812 million was spent totally in the entire wine dealings, invested by private and public investors in the wine sector.

Since 2017, the demand and supply of certain exclusively French products has been outrageous.

They must have seen it coming because in 2016, the government released a public statement explaining the economic situation.

"The lack of availability of French entry-level wine is partly responsible for this phenomenon", in order to "satisfy the demand for GIS wines, both on its own market, but also on its export markets."
(Ministerial Note 2016).

The positive side of this affair is that it has given them the opportunity to open up one of the most conservative wine markets in the world. International trade in these exclusive markets has created a much-needed bridge between France and other countries.

Let’s now consider the biggest importers of wine in France –


Id Vini is a Bordeaux-based importation company that majors in the importation, and distribution, both retail and wholesale, of Italian wines. Their main expertise, although centered in the Italian wine business, also gives room for the pursuit of other related ventures as directed by the management.

For instance, Id Vini is also involved in the crafting of beers for B2B businesses.

And recently, because of the demand from their customer base in the Café, Hotel & Restaurant market, the company has been forced to also include French wine to their inventory. You can be sure that these French wines (and also grapes) are the best quality, sourced from the top-notch wine producers in the country.

All required logistics, including express delivery and storage, is mastered by Id Vini to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied. They can get the goods down to either wholesale or retails from over 500 suppliers.

Id vini also exports the company’s goods to customers in certain other countries. 


Beautiful Brands is an importation and distribution company dedicated to the buying and selling quality drinks brands including fine French wines, International wine, champagne, spirits, and premium beers.

Their main aim is to have a useful and extensive inventory of outstanding drink brands from all across the world today. Their target market for the sales is a unique customer base that includes luxury hospitality businesses, certain gas stations, exclusive delicatessens, and supermarkets.


Agriberia, established in the year 1999, is an importation company located in the heart of France that specializes in the procurement and distribution of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese food and drink products. This company mainly partners with national supermarkets and stores to ensure that their demand for these international products is met.

Agriberia has over 200 people employed as their staff manning five sales offices and some warehouses located in strategic locations all over France. Major French supermarket you know or have been to, is most likely being supplied by this company, if they are in demand for certain foreign products. 

Their main aim is to maximize service and quality.


Vin Du Monde boasts of a global selection of great foreign wine imported from 200 wineries located in 33 countries scattered across 5 continents. And if the wine you want isn’t readily available at the moment you needed it, the company provides more than 900 references you can scan through and pick from.

Their distribution network runs across France, where they have dedicated suppliers ready to push the wine products.


La Vinothèque was established right in the middle of Bordeaux in 1973 as a wine dealership that deals with rare and prestigious wine.

Their wine collections contain a broad menu of French and foreign wines, champagnes, and spirits fitting every seasoned budget. You can most likely find the exact wine that you need from their inventory. And that’s whether it’s one of the natural ranges of French wine, or a foreign wine, you should be able to find it at La Vinothèque.

La Vinothèque serves as the middle-man between producers and distributors in the wine business. The company is also involved in the design and construction of appropriate wine containers.


For exclusive products from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lebanon and Argentina, Barrère & Capdevielle is an official French importer. They are recognized nationally by the government and people. 

Their supply chains run across the country daily, as they meet local businesses’ demands for wines. These imported wines are stored coolly in fully air-conditioned storage units in Villenaved’Ornon.

The founder of the Barrère et Capdevielle, Florent Barrère also necessitated the need for the business to make their own wine too. Jean Capdevielle, the current President of the enterprise has also continued with that tradition, and now they have two wines, produced from their Saint-Emilion Grand Cru château. 

The work of the experts in the wineries has now helped them consolidate for the low import and export rates due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak. The management’s investment in human resources pays off quite well when you consider how experienced, professional, and organized the Barrère & Capdevielle staff is. The employees are known to be dedicated to the service and satisfaction of the customers.

Low production rates had France regressing on supply and demand, so a drastic approach had to be taken. With the implementation of the introduced measures, 2018 saw the French economy having a slight reprieve, and equilibrium was achieved early in the campaign. 

However, it has been hard to meet up with the international demand since then. Small and Large scale dealers of wine in France still need to import some foreign wine to consolidate their trade.

Today, selling wine to the French isn’t as hard as selling ice to an Eskimo.