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20 Best Bottleshops of Paris


If you are coming to Paris any time soon, you don't want to start looking for the best bottle shops around. So, here is a list of the 20 best bottle shops to visit in Paris. 

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Traditional wine merchants have laid siege to the sale of wines, beers, and other forms of alcoholic beverages in Paris. The usual bottles of champagne and rouge now have other ales and lagers by their side.

If you are coming to Paris any time soon, you don't want to start looking for the best bottle shops around. So, here is a list of the 20 best bottle shops to visit in Paris. 

1. Liquiderie Cave

One of the best bottle shops in Paris. Don't let the small size of the shop fool you. It has a great selection of quality bottle beers plus three bears on tap. You can get your Solera and other notable American beers here. They also have a comprehensive collection of some of the world's most renowned breweries. 

The wines there are also excellent. The shop is located at 9 Rue Des 3 Bornes, 75011, Paris.  

2. Oplevelse 

Located at 5 Rue Trousseau, 75011 Paris, this bottle shop is people's magnet. There is a reason why so many folks keep going back to it. 

The atmosphere is lovely, and you can get almost all types of beers, wines, spirits, and more at Oplevelse. The prices are normal, and the foods/groceries makes a perfect addition to anything you want complimenting your bottle. 

3. La Cave Bulles

At 45 Rue Quincampoix, 75004, Paris, is one of the best bottle shops for craft beer collection lovers. They focus strictly on beers, and their collections include the famous Belgian brewery and normal French beers. The staffs are friendly, and they all follow the culture of the energetic owner, Simon. 

4. La Maison du Whisky & Fine Spirits

This is a Paris whisky paradise for whisky lovers. They have different types of beer, wine, and spirits. I like the fact that the staffs here are knowledgeable -plus you couldn't have asked for much better customer service. They offer Scott selection that goes beat their American whisky offering. The shop sits at 6 carrefour de l'Odeon Saint Michel/Odeon.

5. Le Comptoir du Terrior 

Situated at No.5 rue Etienne Marcel, this bottle shop offers some of the best wines collection. Their gourmet foods it's something one can't ignore. Prices range based on quantity. The environment is serene, and the atmosphere is generally cool for everyone. 

6. Nicolas

Nicolas has a couple of shops around Paris, and like this one, they are easy to spot. It is located on 13 rue Washington Champs-Elysees. They offer different types of wines, beers, and spirits from other parts of the world, but most especially from France and Europe. 

7. La Cave de Passy

You can quench your spirit, beer, and wine needs here at La Cave de Passy. Located at 1 Rue de Passy, La Cave delivers excellent quality in French and Belgian brews, plus a host of other popular brands from across the world. 

8. La Binouze 

Located in the 9th arrondissement is the bottle shop run by Benjamin and Thomas. They have a large collection of beers—both local and international—with price ranging from $2-$27. But will not find supermarket quality brands here. But the best of Italian brews, including their Scandinavian counterparts and Belgian classics, are available to meet your needs. 

9. Paris Saint Biere

One of the loveliest bottle shops in the entire Paris area. Located at Rue de Charonne, Paris Saint Biere is home to excellent breweries from the UK, Germany, Belgium, and France. It also packs excellent qualities from Jamaica and Senegal. Their catalog boasts more than 2000 varieties, which include some of the universe rarest brands. 

10. Le Petit Ballon 

This beautiful bottle shop's friendly staff will add glamour to the pure joy and comfort you will experience once you set your foot here. The wine, beer, and spirits delivery service is top-notch. They have more than 2,000 varieties for your selection, including foreign bottles. You will find them at the 43 Rue du Rocher, Saint-Lazare.

11. A'Rhum

The bottle shop with more than five hundred references from different parts of the world is a must-visit when you arrive in Paris. It lay situate at 203, rue Saint-Martin, with excellent interior designs. They offer beers, wines, spirits, and delicatessen of all types. The rum here is out of this world. The staffs are friendly and lovable. 

12. Epicerie de Nuit Paris

Located at 26 rue Laurisson, this bottle shop is the type you can call a sure banker in that it is always open for visits, 24 hours of the day. It's a good location for late-night smokers as they offer cigarettes, plus beer and spirits. Their wine gives you the feeling that you're from the 19th century—thanks to the ancient taste and high-value retention. 

13. Bieres Cultes

Awesome wouldn't be enough to describe the beauty and comfort of this bottle shop. They offer the best of French and Belgian brews that a US citizen cannot find back home. You can even taste all the different types of wines they have listed, plus their food to be served as well. Hit the road to 14 rue des Halles Chatelet and enjoy yours now. 

 14. Le Rouge et le Verre 

If your French isn't worth its place in the language book, here is one shop you can visit and speak English at will. They will help you with your wine tasting needs and guide you through the best beers and spirits collections, even as foods are served at your order. 

15. Cave des Gobelins

Located at 56 avenues Gobelins, this bottle shop has all the wines, beers, and spirits that you need to entertain yourself while planning your next family dinner. The staffs are specialists in the game and will help you with your mind nagging questions. 

16. Maison des Millesimes

If you are looking for a nice cold bottle of beer or champagne to cool off while you prepare for dinner, you have found the right spot. It sits at 137 Boulevard Saint-Germain in its small frame but mighty collections of spirits, beers, and wines. 

17. Le Cave du Senat

Little but mighty—a must-go bottle shop when in Paris. The wine collection here is excellent. Their customer care service is excellent. Cecil will assist you in selecting the perfect wines pairings for whatever purpose that will keep everyone happy at the end.  

18. Marcel Bossetti 

Located at 34 rue des Archives, Marcel Bossetti's display of superb bottled wine, beer, and spirits command unmistakable attraction. So if you are visiting Paris, be sure to check on them. Sure, you will definitely like to go there because they offer free wine tastings. 

19. Le Petit Bleu

Or that lovely and unique collection of liquors and wines, Le Petit Bleu is the place to call. The French shop's setting is thorough and charming, and the shop owner's vast experience helps many visiting tourists to make the right selection in wines, beer, and spirits. Go to 21 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, and you will find it.

20. Le Repair de Bacchus

 This bottle shop offers a fantastic selection of whites and reds. The good part is that they speak English, which is one reason it's so packed with tourists. Buy your wine, beer, or spirit, and you will take it away neatly wrapped on tissue and put inside a quality bag. The shop is located at 122 Rue St Dominique Tour Eiffel. 

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