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5 Ways To Sell More At The Retail Level


Here are 5 solid tips to help your retailer sell more of your wine.

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As a wine brand, it’s important for you to be ‘all in’ when it comes to selling your product, especially if you wish to remain on retail shelves.

You might think that once your wines have found a spot on retail shelves, your job is done - but how are the wines going to sell? Keep in mind that even though your wine has a place in the retail store, if consumers aren’t asking for it and buying it, then the retailer isn’t going to give you a repeat order.

One of the things that a lot of wine brands don’t do is help their retailers in depleting their stock. Keep in mind, this is your brand, and your product, and the best person to sell it is you. You know the most about your product, you’re the most passionate about your wine, so there’s no better person who can sell it better than you can. Secondly, along with the benefit of your wine actually selling, when you’re involved in helping the retailer, he/she is going to like working with you. Retailers like working with suppliers who help them, and who make their jobs easier - and helping in the depletion process of your wine is one of the best ways to do so.

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Here are 4 ways you can help your retailer sell more of your wine.

  1. Consumer Awareness

Creating consumer awareness is one of the main things that helps in selling your wine. If consumers know about your wine, and they want your wine, then retailers are going to want to stock it. On the other hand, if consumers drink your wine and spread the word, then others are also going to want to try it out, which in turn will give you a higher amount of sales.

A few ways you can create consumer awareness are:

● Be active on social media. Let your audience know what you’re launching, what is happening behind the scenes, what is in the pipeline etc. Make them feel involved with your brand, and your story. This will incline them to try out your wine, and will bring repeat customers as well.

● Hold Friday evening and Saturday afternoon store tastings. In the end, it all boils down to taste, so you need to give consumers a chance to taste your wine. Speak to your retailer and see if you can hold tastings for consumers to try out your wine.

● Participate in events like tradeshows and food & beverage festivals where consumers have the opportunity to taste your wines. Once they end up liking your wine, then the next time they’re walking down the aisles of a Monoprix or Auchan, there’s a high chance that they will pick your wine.

  1. Use shelf talkers and case cards

Shelf talkers are one of the best ways to grab the consumer’s attention. For example, if you’re selling a Merlot during Christmas, you can have a shelf talker on your display which says “must try wines this Christmas” or “Holiday Wines For You”. This will attract the consumer to go ahead and pick your wine off the shelf.


  1. Offer the retailer set deals with your wine

For your wine to sell well, deals and discounts always help. When sending your shipment to your retailer, offer a couple of deals to them. For example, you can offer a 2 for 1 deal for the consumers, or maybe a gift pack to sell during the festive season. This way, when consumers see offers around the store, they’re likely to pick up your wine.

One more thing you can do is create awareness of your offers on your social platforms, where consumers are most likely to see it. There’s a high chance of a consumer looking at an offer on instagram or facebook, and then going to the store to pick your wine.

  1. Ask for depletion reports and work with your retailer accordingly

It’s important for you to know how much you’re selling, and it’s important for your retailer to also know that you’re serious about the business. Ask the retailer for weekly depletion reports, and work with them to come up with a strategy to sell more. You can sit down with the retailer and talk to them about what you can offer to increase sales, and how they can help as well. Not only will this help you increase sales, but it will also help you build a good relationship with the retailer - which is always beneficial.

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  1. Invest in good shelf placement

Shelf placement is very important. Once again, this boils down to grabbing the consumer’s attention. If your wine is placed near the best selling wines, then the consumer is likely to give your wine a try. Similarly, if you invest in a larger case display shelf, where people can see your wine, and maybe even taste it at store tastings, then they’re definitely going to want to grab a bottle.

One tip you can use is place your wine on the right side of your competitor’s. This is because the majority of shoppers are right handed, and they’re more likely to grab a bottle to their right.

By leveraging these tips, you will see a significant rise in your wine sales at the retail level.

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