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Biggest Wine Buyers in Paris


In the French capital, you are sure of finding an array of talents and good business tricks all related to the wine business. With that here are the top wine buyers in Paris.

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Paris is the City of Lights, Love and fine wine. One eye-catching thing about this city is the easy airs of the citizens and the cool calm composure the whole atmosphere seems to be permeated with. Maybe it has something to do with the eminence and richness of their wines?

With the way the Parisians drink wine, it is expected that very soon, the French capital city will be inevitably referred to as the new wine capital of the world – overtaking Bordeaux. Out of all the cities in the world, Paris is the one where the most wine is consumed annually; and this is according to a study that was recently conducted by the INSEEC business school situated in France. 

There are two fundamental categories of wine buyers worldwide and they are – FMCG and Marketing & communications. 

The best places to meet the experienced and successful wine buyers in Paris, apart from the wineries and wine bars of course are the wine expositions and other wine-events like the Vinexpo and Wine Paris organized at the city-capital ever so often.

These events have definitely done their part in France wine tourism to attract more buyers to the capital Paris, where most of the renowned French wine brands have set up shop. Each of the fine wine exhibition events (Wine Paris and Vinexpo) attract more profits to the French wine business as they display the best of the country’s wines for tourists and locals alike to witness and take part in. 

When these two commendable events finally decided to collaborate for a single wine showcase event, the effect was a massive wine business event that brought in more revenue for France’s wineries from all over the world. Now, if you are really serious about being involved in the beauty of French wines, put down the 2nd week of February as a business holiday week for you to visit the exhibitions in Paris.

The shows were such a success earlier this year with the biggest wine buyers from all around the world joining in on the experience. It is expected that the exhibition would have a different name next year 2021.

Without further hesitation, let us now delve deep into the topic and see who the biggest wine buyers in Paris are –


The wine business which is known for specializing in the purchase, sales, and distribution of exceptional wines was established in 1983. Vins Rare Peter Thrustup’s wine catalogue, which contains a list of fine wines, is one of the best and sophisticated wine buyers in the world.

Theodore Duvillier, one of the sales executives of Vins Rare Peter Thrustup, has been highly trained to handle high-end wine purchases and close down major wine markets all over the world. His experience in great wine buying along with his business skills acquired from the Kedge Business School is one that is highly commendable. 

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Theodore Duvillier


On this list is also Metro, one of the biggest and best-known French wholesale businesses spreading across different sectors. The main customer base of Metro is the distribution lines of the private hospitality businesses in France. 

The company has almost 100 branches spread all across the country, all part of the Makro Group which also has international holdings and investments.

YannCopty is a certified wine expert with a good taste for business. He graduated from the university at Paris with a 2:1 in International Relations. Then he later moved on to get an MSc in Global Banking and Finance from the Regent’s College in London (UK) where his dissertation which expostulates the advantages of various investment techniques received a Distinction.

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Yann Copty


Richard Vinset Domaines is a company that involves itself in all aspects of the wine business – including the distribution and shipping logistics. However, their market strategy is not only centered on the sales of French wine, Richard Vins et Domaines also concerns itself with the purchase, sales and distribution of other drinks like beer, soft drinks, spirits, waters etc.

As far as the wine investments are concerned, this company has over eight wine estates in France including the Rhone, Burgundy, and Bordeaux regions.

Etienne Delannoy co-founder at Boissons Delame and previously Directeur at Richard Vins and Domaines is a true professional in the wine business having worked in different areas of production and management in the wineries for years, gathering a lot of valuable experience. Etienne was the buying director for Groupe Casino which is one of the most renowned supermarket brands in France.

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Etienne Delannoy

AIR FRANCE WINE BUYER (Emilie Quemeneur)

In 2013, Paolo Basso was officially announced as the world’s best sommelier. He was joined by two other wine experts (Bettane and Desseauve) to create the wine and champagne list of Air France with accuracy and precision.

The person responsible for procuring the wines and other drinks on the list made by Paolo Basso is Emilie Quemeneur. She graduated with a Masters degree in logistics from ESILOG and right now, she is doing a good job for Air France.

Emilie Quemeneur

LAVINIA (Rodrigo de Orlando e Albuquerque)

Having a catalogue of more than 6,500 various wines and wine brands, Lavinia is known all over the city as the biggest wine shop in Paris. And this is not all – the wine store also offers access to a wine bar where over 180 wines are served; and their costs are relative to the store prices.

Rodrigo de Orlando e Albuquerque is a wine expert with high expertise in the sourcing, purchasing, advertisement and sales of quality wines and strong spirits. His experience in the business comes from years of working in various companies concerned with hospitality interests and e-commerce.

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Rodrigo de Orlando e Albuquerque

When it comes to the business of buying fine wine in France, there are different skills, methods, manners of approaches etc. depicted by many people all across the industry in the country. 

In Paris, the mixture of expertise is not so different from the rest of the country; in fact, it is more pronounced here. In the French capital, you are sure of finding an array of talents and good business tricks all related to the wine business. Some of these tricks may be useful for you while the others only work for those who are already seasoned in the act.

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