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Emily in Paris: The New Netflix TV Show Reminds the World about Paris Wine Culture


Paris wine culture dominates, and Emily in Paris, the new Netflix TV show, is a testament to the Parisian world of excellent wine.

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(Header image source: Lily Collins - Netflix)

Emily in Paris is a new TV show from Netflix, and it's already one of its most popular shows at the moment. A humour and romance mix, with a taste for fashion and a complicated demonstration of the French way of life.

Emily (a character played by Lily Collins) is a young American in her 20s who landed her dream job in a city that is equally her dream city--Paris. 

Emily in Paris Netflix

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Emily's time in Paris isn't the type you can describe as comfortable. As she tries to get used to her new colleagues and a new culture, she finds herself struggling with cultural shocks, the daunting task of balancing work and life, and the pursuit of romance and love. 

The series hit the Netflix streaming service in October 2020 and has since attracted a massive wave of feedbacks and reviews. 

While some have praised the movie for its charming style as exhibited in the life of the main character (Emily), and the respectful way it accords "Sex and the City" recognition occasionally, the negative reviews Emily in Paris have garnered far outweighs the positive ones. 

For instance, many critics have pointed out the overly glaring stereotype the series adopt in portraying the contrasting French and American cultures.

Emily in Paris Netflix

(Image Source: Vanity Fair)

Some critics have blasted the series, claiming that Emily, the central character, is a hapless one-dimensional character; someone who doesn't, in the actual sense, undergoes any form of growth all through the series. 

Other critics have chided Emily as exceptionally egocentric, arrogant, and unwilling to relax her warped notions and beliefs about the French culture. These backdrops say the critics, prevented her from truly experiencing the Parisian city life as it is really. 

Notwithstanding the good, the bad, and the ugly comments, one take-home from Emily in Paris is that, during a time when the world is struggling with a leather pandemic, and the lovely city of Paris and France entirely is virtually under lock and key, Emily offers a humorous and sensual distraction that allows us to escape from the pains and troubles that choke the outside.

Emily in Paris Netflix

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This is especially true for wine lovers. There were memorable scenes in most of the series in Emily in Paris that reminds the world of the French rich wine culture. 

Emily in Paris Winery Scenes that Reflects on the Famous French Wine Culture

The Latin Quarter

In the early series, we see the exterior of Emily's building in a picturesque square called the "Latin Quarter (a place that derived its name from the fact that international students studying in France speak Latin over there.) 

Lined with Paulownia trees surrounding a fountain, the Latin Quarter is such a peaceful and beautiful place. When you look across the street in the series, you will recognize an Italian restaurant with its red awning looks representing Les Deux Compere, the place where Gabriel (Emily's handsome neighbour) works. The restaurants showcase the best of French foods and some fine wines to go with it. 
You may want to visit there one of these days to get a bottle of fine French wine alongside your favourite meal. 

Le Chateau de Sonnay

Le Chateau de Sonnay, featuring in episode 8, is a famous and beautiful castle, one of the best in France that you can visit when you visit France. The origin of the castle dated back to the year 1268. Unbelievable! 

In real life, and as shown in the movie, the castle operates as a unique winery. No one would have thought that this old but highly revered ancient chateau would be considered for a modern and iconic movie like Emily. 

But, it did gain consideration, and when Darren Star (the show creator for Emily) saw it, he fell in love with it instantly. Even when it has no pool and lacked the numbers of rooms needed for the specific role it was considered, the charming wine cellar inside the chateau was way too good to ignore. 

It is a clear reminder of how tasty and charming French wine is, and you cannot afford to miss out on such a rich culture when next you visit France. The Le Chateau Sonnay is a three-hour drive from Paris. 

Le Café De L’Homme Trocadero

Located in the 16th arrondissement is the Le Café de L'Homme Trocadero, which features the second episode. Emily was at this Café for an event that offers an Instagrammable view of the Eiffel Tower, one of France's most iconic sites. 

Here, you can get yourself a bottle of fine wine and enjoy the same perspective as Emily. But, make sure you come with your phone, so you can take home with you a wonderful memory by snapping an Emily in Paris-fashioned photo.  

The Le Café De L'Homme Trocadero reminds us yet again of the French wine culture. You don't want to miss out o this site in real life. 

Emily's Wine-glass Handling: a Manhandling of the French Wine Glass 

One of the facts critics deem as a flaw in the entire series is how most of the cast, particularly Emily, holds their wine glasses. The usual firm grip around the glasses bowls doesn't go down well with some critics and French wine lovers. 

Emily in Paris Netflix

(Image Source: Vulture NY)

In all dining and wining scenes covering about 70% of the entire series, Emily usually wraps her gigantic Americana mitts around the wine glass bowl. Her friend, Ashley, does it too, but Emily's grip is overtly noticeable. 

Watching those big and callous-like ham hands gripping the life out of those hapless goblets, giving the chilled wine unwanted warmth, and smudging the glasses to hell and back, it's totally obscene. 

But… despite it all, she and her partners in the wine-crime reminds us and the entire world of how unique was and still is the good French wine culture.

We all love it, and we all want to be part of it. 

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