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Supermarkets Where You Can Buy Great Wine In France


Each wine bottle presented for sale in the country is carefully scrutinized and hand-picked by expert vintners, and is considered an honourable representative of the region it comes from.

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“Paris is always a good idea”

The words above are the words of Audrey Hepburn, immortalized into memory and history. These words are most likely the effects of her love for the beautiful city located in France; one of the countries with the best quality of wine in the world. 

It must be that this star made this declaration after enjoying sumptuous doses of French wine whilst simultaneously taking in the air of the lovely Parisian experience.
Going to France and then coming back without sipping, at least once, some of its extensive array of good quality wine is tantamount to sacrilege if we're to be honest. The French culture will not be truly experienced and understood by the visitors if a moment of fine wine-drinking is not included in the tour guide.

Purchasing French wine that's favorable to your taste buds and budget in France isn't as difficult as it may seem considering the fact that the nation of France boasts of being one of the highest-renowned wine-producing countries in the world right now; this simply means that you can get your fine wine experience almost anywhere in France at the right price!

Each wine bottle presented for sale in the country is carefully scrutinized and hand-picked by expert vintners, and is considered an honourable representative of the region it comes from.

There are a lot of quality French wines, red or white, to choose from at a time. However, it's important to understand what's written on the bottles too to avoid unnecessary mistakes and infringements. 

On every bottle of French wine is -

  • The name of the wine producer and their location.

  • The Name of the Winery.

  • Appellation title.

  • The various grapes used.

  • Domain bottled.

  • Vintage.

  • Village.

At first, the bombardment of wine bottles and brands to choose from may confuse you into making the wrong choice, but don't be alarmed, there's a lot of expert wine advice on hand at most wine dealerships to make sure that you make an informed decision before you make your purchase.

It's important to know how wine quality is rated in France before a purchase so you'll be getting your money's worth. French wine is classified into three official categories based on quality. They are -

•    AOC (Appellation d'originecontrôlée) - In English, this means Controlled Designation of Origin; this refers to wines that are made in a specific environment that's guaranteed to ensure the highest quality of the product. Wines in this category are often classy and expensive.

•    IGP (Indication géographique protégée) - It means Protected Geographical Indication in English. IGP wines are often made from different varieties of grapes.

•    VDF (Vin de France) - This means Wine of France. They are French wines that are made from grapes grown in any location in France. They are affordable and quite tasty.

At 18 years of age and over, you can purchase wine from most supermarket or store in France for any budget. Here are some of the supermarkets you can buy great French wine in France -

Supermarkets Where You Can Buy Wine in France:

Le Vin EnTete

For more than 15 years, this supermarket and wine shop has duly provided wine drinkers from all over the world with the quality liquid that they all required. Le Vin EnTete has its location in Paris, deep in the middle of the Batignolles district and from there, it earns its place as one of the top wine shops in the country.

Annette Leccia, who is a wine producer, all the way from Corsica, and other famous wine producers like Jean Delobre, Michel Augé, Jean-Michel Stephan and Sébastien Riffaut, have all partnered with this wine dealership to produce and market quality French wines.

Le Vin EnTete is located at No. 43 Rue Lemercier, Paris, France.

Caves des Marais

Caves des Marais is a store that’s located in the Centre of Marais. Its customer base is mostly consistent of French nationals who live around the area, along with tourists just passing time on the roads and avenues of Marais.

Everything a wine enthusiast might need is present here in this wine shop, with its wide range of quality wine labels and brands. It won’t hurt to pay them a visit. This establishment can be found at the Paris 3e arrondissement.

La Cave del’Insolite

La Cave del’insolite is “The Cellar of the Unusual” when translated into the English language from French. It is renowned as one of the best wine shops in Paris, and indeed the whole of France. This establishment doesn’t just serve as a wine shop, it is also a place where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal while still experiencing the beauty of fine French wine.
It is highly recommended for you to get your wine from this store anytime you find yourself in the capital of France.

La Cave de L’insolite is located at No. 30 Rue de la FolieMericourt, Paris, France.

Des Mets Des Vins

Des Mets Des Vins literally means “put the wine”. It is also in place as one of the top 20 wine shops in France. It is three-shop that sells great wine as well as quality food to its numerous customers. 

Its food and wine collections are very extensive at most times so you don’t have to worry about finding something that fits your taste and budget at all. Just walk right in and make your choice. Assistants and some experts are often on ground to help you make informed decisions.

You can find this establishment at No. 20 Rue d'Aligre, France.

Les Caves du Pantheon

Located just a little ways from the Panthéon in a closed-off alcove, this supermarket is dedicated to serving the best of contemporary French wine. 

The wooden, squared room of Les Caves du Panthéon contains the best of French wines, even for a small budget, and beautiful works of art from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhône.
Les Caves du Panthéon can be found at No. 174 Rue Saint-Jacques, France.


Auchan is a store that offers a huge collection of quality wines, along with all the necessary elements you need for your short or long stay in France. Most of Auchan’s stores are located on the outskirts of Paris where wine is served for the low, middle, and high income budget. This supermarket is sure to fulfill all your wine thirsts and thrills especially when you have a good idea of what you want.

The supermarket is at Roissy-en-France, France.

Les Caves Taillevent

Les Caves Taillevent has its store in the basement of the Taillevent, a very commendable eatery. The scope and quality of great wine sold here is exemplary given the unexpected nature of its location.

Another great thing about this wine shop that should be mentioned here is their free wine-tasting events that take place every Saturday.

You can find this establishment at No. 228 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris, France.


Intermarche is famous all over France for being the supermarket to get all your needs when you’re in the nation. The store can boast a wide-range of products for customers to choose from, and wine is no different.

Intermarche is quite a large supermarket due to the extensiveness of its catalogue, so you would have to find your way around the wine section yourself most of the time there. However, an accurate knowledge of the kind of wine you want should be enough to help you because the shelves are properly arranged with quality wines for you to pick from with appropriate information.

Intermarche is located at No. 47190 Aiguillon, France.


Franprix is another one of French supermarkets where you can get great wine no matter your budget. Staff at this store also help customers pick out wine they need along with the food they can pair the drink with.

Therefore, if you don’t know much about wines, you should head down to Franprix. Surely you won’t leave the store without a good bottle of your preferred wine brand or more.
The establishment can be found at No. 86 Rue de France, France.

Whether it is a long or short visit for personal or business reasons, shopping for and relaxing to timely sips of great French wine will definitely help one to settle down and love their period of stay in France. Teetotalers are highly encouraged to take a “French” break and relax their wine habits a bit when visiting this country.

The French viticulture is vast and there are many wine brands (known and unknown) to choose from in various wine shops, supermarkets, grocery stores etc., that engage in French wine dealings. The culture of fine wining, along with its etiquettes, is no stranger to the French and this will be fairly evidence to the visitor.

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