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Top 20 Wine Shops In Paris


Here’s a peek into the top 20 wine shops in Paris, France.

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Like Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea” - and we agree. But she forgot to add that wines in Paris are always a good idea as well.

Of course, you can’t go to Paris and not enjoy a glass of wine while devouring the beautiful city.

Whether you live in Paris, you’re vacationing there, or you’re on a business trip - you have to try the wine that the city offers.

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You might not always want to sit and enjoy your wine at a bar or a restaurant - which is a treat in itself by the way.

Check out where to drink and eat in Paris

Sometimes, you just want to grab a bottle, sit across Canal St.Martin and enjoy a glass - or pop a cork open with your friends - or even better, you might want to grab a bottle of wine from Paris for your friends and family back home. Let’s make that task easier for you.

Here’s a rundown of the top 20 wine shops in Paris.

Legrand Filles Et Fils

Legrand  Filles et Fils is known to be the grandfather of all Parisian wine retailers. When started in 1945, Lucien Legrand  was the first Parisian wine merchant to bring his wine directly from the wine producing areas. In fact, Lucien Legrand was the one who started the Beaujolais trend in Paris. Legrand Filles Et Fils is no more owned by the Legrand family anymore, but has been bought over by a Japanese family. However, it’s still known as one of the best wine stores around the city.


Carrefour City

Just like all the Carrefour’s across the globe, Carrefour's in Paris will offer you all your wine, spirits, and beer needs. They offer a range of wines depending on the size and area it’s situated in. You can get your hands on the cheapest of wines and also some fine, expensive wines at the supermarket.



Lavinia is known to be the biggest wine shop in Paris at the moment. It’s located between Opera and Madeleine with its store stretching over three floors. Lavinia offers over a range of over 6500 wines to choose from - most of them being French of course, but you can also find a range of wines from 29 other countries, including Italy, South Africa, Australia, Spain, and many more.


La Cave Du Bon Marché

Located in the basement of the Grande Epicerie De Paris, La Cave Du Bon Marche also offers a wide selection of wine, however, not as wide as Lavinia. Most people love the wine selection at La Cave Du Bon Marche because it’s not large, and it’s not small - it’s mostly said to have the perfect selection.


La Bordeauxthèque

Located in Galerie Lafayette, La Bordeauxthèque offers 7 hospitable sommelier-vendors  who speak English, Spanish, French, Portugese, and Chinese. Just like the name it graces, La Bordeauxthèque is a shrine for all Bordeaux wines. It offers over 1000 Bordeaux labels and offers all Bordeaux lovers exactly what they want - making it one of the top 20 wine shops in Paris.


Paris Wine Cup


Located in the 5th arrondissement, Philovino is known for its fabulous selection of labels. Moreover, it’s known for its owner, Bruno Quenioux, who is known as the man fascinated with the world of wine. His love for wine is what brought Philovino to life.


Ma Cave Fleury

Ma Cave Fleury hits the top 20 wine shops in Paris list by being known as ‘the best place to buy Champagne in Paris’ by Insidr. It’s a showroom dedicated to Fleury biodynamic champagne. There are over 40 vintages for you to pick from - and you can also discover wines from lesser known French wine regions such as Alasce, Jura, Savoie, and Corse.



Not only a wine shop, but also a shop that serves an artisanal homemade French cuisine, L’epidon offers a range of organic wines by small wine producers in different French wine producing regions. It’s love for the organic world is what gives it a spot in the top 20 wine shops in Paris.



If there was a wine-haven in a supermarket, then Monoprix would be it. You can find a Monoprix at almost every corner along the streets of Paris - and their wine selection is like no other. A plethora of labels are offered at the supermarket, and the easy navigation can help you find what you need.


Les Caves De Nysa

Les Caves De Nysa was founded in 2006 by a group of young and driven wine lovers and experts. Nysa has 23 boutiques around Paris, and offers good quality wine that fits in all budgets - and that’s what they are mostly known for. Nysa is open to all and offers free wine tasting sessions for wine lovers.

Check out Nysa’s website to find the shop closest to you and its opening hours.

La Cave Des Papilles

Located in the 14th arrondissement, La Cave des Papilles is bright and stands out with its lemon-yellow frontage. The owner has been operating in Paris for over 20 years. 80% of the wines offered here are produced organically, while others are traditional wines. It’s said that the owner knows each supplier personally - and most of them are independant French wine growers.


La Cave de l’Insolite

Translated as ‘The Cellar of the Unusual’, La Cave de l’insolite finds its place in the top 20 wine shops in Paris. Just like a lot of other wine shops in Paris, this isn’t only a wine shop, but also a place where you can enjoy a meal with a bottle of wine.


Le Vin En Tete

Located in the heart of the Batignolles district, Le Vin En Tete has been a supplier for wine enthusiasts for over 15 years. Some of its popular featured producers are Michel Augé (Côteaux de Loire), Jean-Michel Stephan (Côte Rôtie), Sébastien Riffaut (Sancerre), Jean Delobre from the Ardèche, and even Annette Leccia from Corsica.


Caves des Marais

Located in the heart of Marais, this wine shop is the go-to for both locals and tourists who are enjoying their time on the streets of Marais, or live around the area. With a vast range of labels, Caves des Marais offers a wine lover everything they might need.



Mostly located on the borders of Paris, Auchan offers a large selection of wines along with every other thing you could need while you’re staying in Paris. Auchan is known for its wide range of budget wines and expensive wines - a supermarket to fulfil all your wine needs.


Des Mets Des Vins

At this trio of shops, wines are placed on shelves with their food accompaniments. It finds its place in the top 20 wine shops in Paris by offering a selection of wine and food pairings right beside each other. So you don’t need to look elsewhere for anything to go with your favorite wine. Everything is set right in front of your eyes.


Les Caves du Pantheon

Arranged on a never-endingly concealed alcove just paces from the Panthéon, Les Caves du Panthéon's square shaped wooden room is wedged floor-to-roof with the cream of contemporary French normal winemaking, enhanced with a solid supply of apportioned works of art from the Rhône, Bordeaux, and Burgundy.


Les Caves Taillevent

The basement arm of the exemplary eatery Taillevent, few shops approach the profundity and scope of the accumulation here. They also offer free wine tastings on Saturdays.

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With wines starting from the lowest points and dragging up to higher price points, Franprix is another supermarket where you can find your selection of wines. If you don’t know much about wines, Franprix is the place to be as the supermarket staff helps out in a bunch of wine pickings and wine and food pairings.



Known around France as the go-to supermarket, Intermarche also has a wide range of wines to offer you. However, due to it being a large supermarket - you need to find your way around the wine shelves yourself without help. But the shelves are situated perfectly for you to navigate your way easily.


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