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Wine Regions Near Paris For A Day Trip


Fill your camera roll with beautiful shots and landscape close-ups by visiting these jaw-dropping wine stops.

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You think of Paris, the city of love, literature, fashion, and producer of the finest wines and cheeses in the world when you think of France.

Usually, people think of Paris and other wine areas in the country when it comes to world-class wines. In its many wine areas, it offers the oldest, best and a widely priced range of wines. Besides the best wines, there's a lot more people can get. Most people love the wines and meals they begin to cook in Paris for bakery and pastry classes. These classes help the learner know all they'll find in a patisserie.

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Almost everywhere in the country, wines of some kind are produced. There are popular areas, each of white wines, red wines, fortified wines, and sparkling wines are known for their incredible quality.

There are plenty of wine shops and wine bars in Paris where you can buy some bottles and drink the bottle on the spot as well. You can always enter, try and let the professional guide you on a wine journey from small cavities to iconic wine shops. And of course, you will be offered to check on the Wine list in any restaurant or brasserie.

Which is more popular than others in these areas? Here are the five wine regions near Paris for a day trip

Private Day trip to the wine country of Burgundy

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On your way to Burgundy, travel through rolling vineyards and scenic countryside, One of France— and the world's oldest and most prestigious wine regions. On the way, your private driver/guide will fill you with history and viticulture.

Your Eurovan luxury makes its first stop for a tour and degustation at the famous Chateau Pommard. Next stop is Beaune's beautiful city, where you can visit the medieval Hospice de Beaune (its famous tiled roofs) and then have lunch at a typical regional restaurant. It's time to visit another iconic wine chateau in the afternoon and stop in the amazing vineyards for pictures.

Day trips to the Champagne region from Paris

Image credit: Wikimedia

Just an hour from Paris, the most prestigious wine in the world is produced in this beautiful area of France. Nothing beats the real champagne of French! Visiting the region is easy, just choose from a private country tour of Champagne or a small group tour.

Either way, you're picked up at your Paris hotel, treated like royalty, and returned to Paris after a day of exploring the legendary homes and countryside of Champagne. You also see the Cathedral of Reims along the way, where for centuries the kings of France have been crowned. You can also stop at a country bistro or local restaurant for a hearty lunch.

Loire Valley – The Chateaux & the Wines

Image credit: Pixabay

For a stellar day trip from Paris, combine wine tasting with the stunning Loire Valley châteaux. You will visit the Loire Valley's most prestigious castles— Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau. Then at the Château de Nitray, you can enjoy a classic French multi-course lunch. Sample crisp Sauvignon Blanc, Chinon full-bodied and the classic rosês of the Loire Valley.

Château de Chambord — admire the architecture of the French Renaissance, period furniture, vaulted ceilings, and wide staircases. Watch wildlife as they graze on the castle's lush grounds.

Château de Chenonceau— a model château with lots of architectural details, intricate carvings of stone, original tapestries and a soaring chapel.

There are only 25 people on this small group tour. The all-inclusive tour at Château de Chenonceau includes transportation, wine tastings, lunch, entrance fees, and skip-the-line entry.


Image credit: Flickr

This place's location on the estuary of Gironde has made it popular as it provides easy access to the Atlantic. Exporting to Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands was easy. Most of the vineyards are located on the Garonne and Dordogne rivers around the city. They cover over 100 square kilometers of land.

There's dark red wine from here. The Left Bank wines are Merlot-mixed Cabernet Sauvignon. When they age, flavors and aromas replace fruit flavors with smoke, tobacco leaf, tar, leather, truffle and earthy.

The wines of the Right Bank are based in Merlot. With the taste of vanilla, cassis, plum, and dark cherry, they have heavier flavors and fruit fragrances.


Image credit: Pixabay

Alsace is primarily a white French wine region in eastern France. The wines are similar to but drier than German Rieslings, also known for their reasonable pricing. A range of other rich, aromatic wines, including Gewürztraminer, Crémantd'Alsace sparkling wine, Sylvaner, andPinot Noir, are also produced through the climate. Alsatian wines can combine well with both delicate and rich foods.

The vineyards run between the Vosges Mountains and the Ill River (part of the Rhine) in a relatively narrow strip, one side bordering Germany. Explore the Alsace wine route, one of France's oldest and more than 105 miles long, while traveling along the way through about 100 villages. Festivals take place between April and October along the route, but in October they are particularly plentiful.

Guided Tours: Pros and Cons

Despite the fact that most wine tours are fairly expensive, they offer several advantages: you will have access to wineries and winemakers that you may not have without credentials, you will get translations of talks and tasting notes, you will not have to drive around looking for signs (or drive around at all). On the other hand, if you just want to integrate a little wine tasting into your overall holiday, a detour to a wine region can be a great pleasure and will greatly increase your chances of seeing amazing views along with majestic villages where people have enjoyed great wine and food for centuries.

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