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Paris Restaurant Sector COVID Update


At a time while many other countries of the world are recovering from the impact of the coronavirus and coming out of lockdowns, France seems to be doing the opposite.

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Already, authorities of the wine loving country have introduced a fresh wave of restrictions of movements of people; this is coming on the heels of recent spike in cases of Covid-19 infections.

As at the early stages of the month of October, the government gave warning that it would have to raise the country’s threat level to “Code Red,” which means the virus spread is approaching a feverish pitch.

That was far back in October 2, and on the 28 of October, 2020, the government has fulfilled that promise. 

In Paris and many other important cities in the country, many commercial outlets and public places have been closed. Places like gyms, bars, and swimming pools have been shut down for 2-3 weeks in a bid to curtail the spread of the free killing virus. 

However, restaurants that are were able to meet the government safety measures and guidelines on strict hygiene were allowed to open and do business. 

These breaking measures are coming after France recorded a huge jump in cases of new infections. The new measures are designed to ensure that the French health system doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

“The epidemic is moving too fast, and we have to slow down its spread,” said Didier Lallement, France police chief. 

With more than 12, 500 newly reported cases; France would be in serious trouble if they allow public activities to go on as normal. 

France—the unenviable leader in Covid-19 statistics

In the European theatre, France ranked as the number one country with the highest rate of infected persons. As at October 28, 2020, the total number of infected cases in France stands at 1.2 million people, with 35, 551 deaths and 113,000 recovered cases; this latest figures put France as the leader of the pack, beating other countries like Spain, the U.K, Italy and more. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 43.8 million people worldwide, and has killed more than 1.16 million people. 

A forced change in rules

The recent measures introduced by the French administration are to ensure complete compliance in other to fight the virus. The most affected areas are the capital, Paris, and the three surrounding departments. 

With the new measures, restaurants that want to continue running business must first install new and effective sanitary arrangements. 

As for bristols and restaurants that sell both foods and wine/alcohol, they can only function provided they keep a register containing the details of their customers, and once it is 22: 00, they must close and stop serving the public. 

Universities and colleges can only function if the lecture halls are reduced down by half in population. 

Closing bars is one of the hardest decisions for French authorities to take because France is a wine loving country.  However, for the sake of security of lives, al bars, gyms, restaurants, including cinemas, museums, theatres, have all been closed for two weeks in Marseille. Unless restaurants introduced strict and effective anti-viral measures, they will remain closed. 

Initially, most people across the affected places express strong anger towards the new measures taken by the government. The main argument is that local authorities failed to consult them before implementing the actions. 

France has struggled to handle a new wave of infections that started from the period of late August. While the government is trying as much as possible to avoid a new nationwide lockdown, recent infection rates may change that an forced a second national lockdown. 

Is a second nationwide lockdown staring France on the face?

Barely two weeks after introducing new measures that restricts movements and certain business operations, France is on the verge of a nationwide lockdown if the latest infection figures are anything to go by. 
On the 22nd day of October, 2020, France health ministry recorded its highest ever rate of new infections, counting more than 40,000 new cases. 

The newly recorded rate came shortly after the government decided to extend the initial two weeks restrictions on Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille to further weeks ahead. The curfew has also been extended to 38 other regions of France in a bid to curtail the spread of the rampaging virus. 

According to Jean Castex, France Prime Minister, these new improved measures have to be taken because what is happening now is a second wave of the virus. 

What is in it for wine lovers?

While the brick and wall store business is practically buried for the time being, wine lovers and wine merchants can still perform their wine business. 

Consumers can visit restaurants that sell both food and wine to get a bottle of their favourite drink. But, they must be ready to abide by new strict regulations such as compulsory use of face masks, hand washing, social distancing, and more. 

As for wine retailers of France, online/mail ordering and deliver services, including vehicle delivery services are ideal ways to keep their business running and keep customers satisfied. As things are looking now, this will be the new normal for a long time, even as French Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is expected to hit saturation in the next two weeks. The worst is that there is likely to be no new measures that the government can take to address the unfortunate situation. It means people will have to stay indoors or remained limited for a very long time. 

Practically, as things stand now, French people might not be able to celebrate the upcoming Christmas celebrations in the open. The most devastating reality is that many businesses will remain close and many will simply food up shop as the power to compete is lacking. 

Lovers of wine and the French culture may have to wait for the country to bounce back if they desire to travel this approaching year ending. But you can still enjoy the very old taste of your favourite wines by ordering directly without getting involved physically; this way, we all can mock back at Mr. Covid.. 

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