Paris Wine Cup Coming to France in March 2020


New wine competition will award wines on the basis of quality, value, and packaging.

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On March 17, 2020, the first-ever Paris Wine Cup will judge wines from around the world on the basis of three key variables: Quality, Value, and Packaging. The goal of this new international competition is to find the types of enjoyable, easy to drink wines that provide value to European wine drinkers. Whereas other international wine competitions focus almost entirely on quality, the Paris Wine Cup will take a much more holistic view of the total wine experience, rewarding wines that also feature creative or innovative branding designed to appeal to specific types of wine drinkers.

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By taking a 360-degree view of the wine experience, the Paris Wine Cup will be able to spotlight the wines that consumers really want to buy and that provide a clear market value for the trade buyer.

“With the Paris Wine Cup, we really wanted to focus on marketable, consumer-driven wines that would have the best potential for success in a highly competitive wine market like France,” said Sid Patel, Founder, and CEO of Beverage Trade Network, the organizers of the event.

One of the most unique aspects of the Paris Wine Cup will be the judging process. Judges will consist of trade buyers and industry professionals with direct responsibility for choosing which wines appear on retail shelves and restaurant wine lists. With their first-hand knowledge of which wines are most likely to resonate with future consumers, they can provide important insights throughout the judging process. These judges will rate each wine in the competition based on Quality, Value, and Packaging. Quality will be scored out of 50 possible points, Value out of 25 possible points, and Packaging out of 25 possible points.

By combining these individual scores, it will be possible to come up with a final Paris Wine Cup score on the traditional 100-point scale. Wines scoring above 90 points total will receive Gold medals; wines scoring between 80 and 89 points will receive Silver medals, and wines scoring between 70 and 79 points will receive Bronze medals. In addition, the Paris Wine Cup will also award achievements such as Wine of the Year and Winery of the Year.

Already, the Paris Wine Cup has attracted an all-star panel of judges for the upcoming competition, including the following industry professionals: Colin Gent, Master of Wine and Director, GEEWines; Pierre Many, Consultant and Sommelier, La Villa MANY; and Iain Munson, Master of Wine, Head Winemaker, Jeanjean.

Event organizers Beverage Trade Network have already used a similar scoring system to much critical acclaim in both San Francisco (USA Wine Ratings competition) and London (London Wine Competition). “We are really looking forward to recognizing, rewarding and promoting wine brands that have been successfully created with a specific type of wine drinker in mind,” said Sid Patel of Beverage Trade Network. “In San Francisco and London, our judges have been quite impressed by the ability of winemakers to produce high-quality wines that provide real value for the money to the end consumer.”

For wineries and wine brand owners looking to gain more exposure for their wines and receive the highest mark of quality as an award winner at the Paris Wine Cup, there is still time to enter this important new competition. Pre-registration for the Paris Wine Cup will continue through June 20, and the warehouse for samples will close on February 20, 2020. Final judging will be on March 17, 2020, and winners will be announced on April 30. All winners will receive promotional support via Beverage Trade Network and its affiliate publications.

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Paris Wine CupParis Wine Cup will be assessed and judged by a leading panel of top-level wine buyers with current direct commercial buying responsibility. Or wine consultants and experts who are also directly involved in the development of new wine brands or buying wine for commercial resale.

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