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ProWein 2020: All You Need to Know


Prowein is ready for their 2020 event and here is all you need to know about it.

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Every year, the ProWein event in Germany is one of the most anticipated events on the global wine calendar. In fact, ProWein markets itself as “the world’s #1 international trade fair for wine and spirits.” In 2019, for example, the special 25th anniversary edition of the event attracted over 6,800 wine and spirits exhibitors from 64 different nations, as well as over 61,500 visitors from 142 different countries.

Let's Connect

Let's Connect

If you’re planning on attending ProWein 2020, here’s what you need to know…


ProWein is a full three-day program and exhibit for the wine and spirits industry, featuring 10 different exhibition halls arranged by country and region. ProWein is known as one of the top events in the industry, as well as a premier venue to spot new trends, meet new partners, and deepen existing relationships within the wine and spirits trade. What makes ProWein 2020 so distinct is its focus on the wine and spirits trade. Due to its popularity and long track record of success with European buyers and sellers, the flagship ProWein event in Germany now has satellite events each year in Asia (Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong).


Wine and spirits industry professionals from viticulture, production, retail trade, hospitality and gastronomy. Over 80 percent of those attending have purchasing decision-making authority, making ProWein 2020 a great place to meet new partners and sign new deals. And in 2019, the ProWein event attracted over 1,140 journalists. In terms of geographic representation, the biggest visitor influx is from Germany, the Benelux countries, France, Italy and the UK.


ProWein 2020 will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany on March 15-17, 2020.


There is simply no better plan than ProWein 2020 to get an idea of new trends in the industry, and to talk one-on-one with producers and others in the trade about products that are already available in the marketplace or coming soon. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of event participants say they come in order to spot new trends and discover novelties not yet widely available elsewhere. In 2019, the 25th anniversary of the event identified the following four trends topics as trends to watch over the next 12 months: wines from high elevations; wines in cans; the comeback of field blends; and the re-emergence of Chenin Blanc and Gamay as popular wine varietals.

Each year, ProWein adds a new feature or option that makes it the go-to place for anyone thinking about entering the European wine and spirits market. In 2019, for example, the ProWein event featured a special exhibition dedicated to craft drinks (i.e. craft spirits, craft beer and craft cider), as well as a showcase exhibition for champagne producers and a special “Organic World’ exhibit featuring 300+ organic producers.

And, of course, ProWein remains one of the premier wine exhibitions in the world for learning more about wines from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. In 2019, the event’s 10 exhibition halls featured 1,654 producers from Italy; 1,576 from France; 978 from Germany and 661 from Spain. With its “industry only” concept and its diverse international offerings and visitor base, it’s perhaps not surprising that ProWein 2020 is already generating significant buzz and attention online from wine bloggers, sommeliers, authors and wine industry insiders eager to get an early glimpse of key wine trends for 2020.

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