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Top Sommeliers of France to Watch Out on Instagram


France is home to some of the world's best sommeliers, and every day, they're upgrading.

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Wine is so compelling and photogenic as such that even covid-19 can't stop us from following our favorite wine sommeliers on social media. France is home to some of the world's best sommeliers, and every day, they're upgrading.

Do you want to keep tabs on some of the best sommeliers from France while in the comfort of your home? Here are the top 10 best sommeliers from France to watch out for on Instagram.

Best French Sommeliers to follow on Instagram

Emmanuel Delmas

Emmanuel Delmas Instagram

Emmanuel Delmas is a renowned professional sommelier. He has this sincere passion for recreating and improving the disconnection between the winemaker and the die-hard consumer. 

Emmanuel's vast experience in wine put him on the radar of famous hotels and restaurants in the wine business. He has been on the payroll of favorite hotels and restaurants like Guy Savoy, Tour d'Agent, Lasserre, and more. 

A decade and a half as a sommelier, and a writer of wine books, two of which are bestsellers, makes Emmanuel Delmas one of the hottest wine gurus to watch out for on Instagram.  

Follow Emmanuel Delmas on Instagram 

Marina Giuberti 

One of France's most celebrated sommeliers, Marina Giuberti, is a Brazilian expert in wines and foods. She holds an Italian master's degree in nutrition and wines and has worked with popular hotels and restaurants such as La Bigarrade, Le Calandre, and Agape, and more.  

Marina is a mother with two children to her name and has a strong entrepreneurship drive that has seen her created and managing two wine retail stores, namely Davino and Charonne.
I like her because despite having a tight work schedule, she is always active on social media. She is still on Instagram, posting stuff about her work, family life, next projects, tips, and advice about food and wines. By that, she is helping to perform her duty as a sommelier. 

I will recommend her any time, being the first from Brazil to hold the coveted Sommelerie BTS title; her views on wines and foods matter significantly. That is because they are supported by vast experience and insight.

Follow Marina Giuberti on Instagram 

Pascaline Lepeltier

Pascaline Lepeltier

Crowned as the best sommelier in France 2018, Pascaline Lepeltier is a dominant figure in the world of wine. She is also very active on social media, where she continues to demonstrate her talent as a grandmaster of wine. If you are interested in biodynamic and natural wines, you will need to follow Pascaline on Instagram. As a sommelier, her award-winning years give her views distinct authenticity that some other sommelier can only dream of. If you are interested in having your favorite wines naked, follow Pascaline Lepeltier.

Follow Pascaline Lepeltier on Instagram 

Caroline Conner 

Caroline Conner

Caroline Conner is a wine teacher and sommelier. She is one of the sommeliers eager to revolutionalize the wine industry in wine tasting and marketing. With the advent of Covid-19, Caroline has started offering wine tasting tips and tricks to consumers via her website and social media channels. Her vast experience in the field that spans 12 years and counting has kept people going back to her for more advice. The wine course creator is waiting to keep you updated and educated about wine.

Follow Caroline Conner on Instagram 

Fabien Laine 

Fabien Laine is a head sommelier, a wine columnist, and a wine consultant. He is also a wine judge Sthat has worked with some of the most prestigious wine companies in France and beyond. Fabien was born and grew up in France's southern region and was running in vineyards when he was a kid. He holds a degree in foods and beverages and has a special knack for all nature's wine and spirits. He got his certificate as a sommelier from Norway and another with the SSA (Sake Sommelier Association)

For someone who has worked in many restaurants, vineyards, reading loads of books, and loves travelling, Fabien is bringing his wealth of experience to bear for anyone eager to learn more about wine. Laine has won many awards as a sommelier/wine influencer, and he is worth following on social media, Instagram.

Follow Fabien Laine on Instagram 

Tanisha Townsend

Tanisha Townsend is one of the few sommeliers faces you won't find easily on the search result page when looking for the top France sommeliers on Instagram. However, she is one of the brightest sommeliers around. 

Originally born in the US, Tanisha is a certified sommelier who has since moved to France. The African American woman has been in the wine tasting business for more than a decade. She runs the Girls Meet Glass blog where she educates consumers, and as a fully-fledged wine educator, Tanisha has won the heart of many followers on Instagram.           

Follow Tanisha Townsend on Instagram 

Paolo Basso

Here is one of the world's best wine tasters. Paolo crowned the best sommelier of Switzerland in 1997. He went on to win the European award in 2010, and in 2013, he became the world champion of wine tasting. Paolo Basso is an Italian born sommelier who has worked for many wine establishments. He is currently teaching at the Bordeaux Worldsom, where he hoped to pass on his knowledge to a younger wine lovers' generation. 

You cannot afford to miss out on such a wealth of experience and quality.

Follow Paolo Basso on Instagram 


When a rampaging virus threatens men, social media has come to the rescue to ensure that it will remain active as ever, even if we don't have to leave our homes. Social isolation shouldn't be tedious or restrict your love for your best wine. By following some of the best sommeliers on Instagram, you're making sure that you will not be missing out on anything related to your best wine consumption. 

For more information on France's top sommeliers, Instagram that you need to keep an eye on, leave a comment below, or contact us for other guides.