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Emily Lester

Sommelier and Wine Journalist

Bonjour ! I am Emily, an American Sommelier and French wine nerd living in Paris. I am a creative entrepreneur. I am a driven, approachable and highly skilled creative with a strong background in entrepreneurship, networking and presentation. I leverage my business background, knowledge and creative skills for my clients to help them develop an online brand identity.

After founding and building one of the most successful aerial fitness studio on the West Coast (US), I sold my business and transplanted my life to France to be closer to the vines and continue to seek ways to expand upon my own creative work.

I am passionate about transmitting my love for digital marketing and supporting the growth of small businesses. Having insight into American business practices and cultural trends, I use my skills in writing, photography, social media and business to capture an experience in a way that will best resonate with new world customers.

As the founder of Grape Girl Media, I help businesses globally create a voice, translating excitement for their product or services, and grow their brands organically. I create brand identitiy and stories using graphic design, writing and photography skills. I’m always brainstorming new ideas for increasing engagement, sales, and buzz for my clients - whether that’s in the form of lifestyle content, marketing or educational materials, events or lead generation strategies.

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