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Wine Reviews

Brionnais Rising

17/01/2023 | A Family's Quest to Revive an Age-Old Region through Organic Winemaking and Building Community.


Ancient and Rare French Grape Varieties Making a Comeback

26/09/2022 | Ancient French grape varieties have been around for centuries, but changes to the climate & grape-growing conditions have led some famous wine regions to explore using them as a possible solution so are making comeback.

Wine Regions

The Ultimate Guide to France's Burgundy Wine Region

09/09/2022 | Burgundy, or "Bourgogne" as it should be called, is one of the most well-known wine regions in France it is a charming and lovely wine country that should be explored by professionals and enthusiasts alike.


A Brief History Of Wine

20/04/2022 | Where was the first wine made? Egypt, Greece, or Rome? Let's take a quick look at the history of this fermented grape juice that has made the world go crazy.