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Insights Into Commercial Wine Buying With Rodrigo Orlando


Wine Buyer for Syrinxpan, Paris, Rodrigo Orlando shares expert insights into his wine buying philosophy in this exclusive interview with the Paris Wine Cup.

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Rodrigo possesses deep knowledge in wines & spirits. He is highly experienced in negotiation, wine buying, wine sourcing, wine marketing, wine sales, analysis, content management, along with management training and team work.

Rodrigo de Orlando e Albuquerque has been working in the e-commerce, restaurant and advisory industries. He began his career in 2007.
Apart from his fluency in wine, he is also proudly multicultural, fluent in English, French and Portuguese, he is highly organized, creative, flexible, dynamic, and a detailist with a sense of priority and focus towards relationship building.

Let's Connect

Let's Connect

Luxury, gastronomy, sustainability and technology are some other fields that are of interest to Rodrigo Orlando.  

So Rodrigo, tell us something about yourself

Born in Brazil and with a law background, France and wine were always present in my life, even though the latter was a hobby since 2010, when I decided for a career change into wine. So I came to Burgundy where I did my Masters in Wine Business and WSET 3 certification. After that I went back to my country, where built my career in the industry, starting from the floor as a head sommelier to product manager buyer at a start-up. At this point I decided it was time to come back to France and after a short experience as a “conseiller vins”, I came back in the buying area.

What do you see as the most important skills that a Wine Buyer can have?

I’d say they are 3: negotiation skills are essential if you want to stay competitive and make the best deals. Product knowledge if you want to make a good sourcing and find the wine that fits your positioning. Finally, a sustainable relationship with your suppliers, letting them know that you are there to work together. All these skills are essential to deliver the best to the client.

How has the industry changed in the past 10 years and how have you responded?

In the past years food industry has been facing a movement towards more healthy, sustainable yet simple produce. The relationship between consumers and producers are being shortened, as people are looking for meanings and stories behind the labels. No wonder there is a boom on the demand for wines that are organic, HVE, biodynamic, natural etc. As a professional once I spotted this trend, I quickly started learning about it and getting to know product, producers and had some amazing finds.

What you look for when you plan to buy wine for your business?

In the retail segment consumers are very price-sensitive. Therefore, what I constantly look for are the best deals among my suppliers.

What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

When building a business with a big share of entry-price wines it is always challenging to find products that have a good balance between cost and quality.

Have you noticed any change in the preferences of wine consumers?

There is an undeniable rising demand for wines that are lighter, easier-to-drink, less alcoholic and less oak-aged. Obviously sustainable wines (i.e. organic, biodynamic, natural) are catering this demand very well.

Any other wines from around the world that we should be keeping our eyes on?

Eastern Europe countries like Georgia and Slovenia always produced wine, but only recently they became more exposed to the market. Their wines are definitely worth trying as they have a particular identity and in general, they are aligned with the sustainable trend.

If you could only buy one bottle to drink in December, what would it be?

That would be a Musigny from a small, traditional winegrower from a not too old vintage.


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